The Great British Weather…

the-great-british-weatherThe floods that have recently covered some parts of this country, devastating those who live there, destroying crops, homes, possessions, and livelihoods, are an extreme force of nature. Yes, we do tend to moan about our weather, even if it’s sunny (it’s too hot!), but the people affected by the floods, particularly those in Somerset and the surrounding areas, as well as parts of Kent, have cause to be angry. No one should be surprised that they want to vent their frustrations.

For most of us, luckily, when it comes to the weather, might be inconvenienced by it, but we are not usually incapacitated by it. In the summer, when it’s just too hot, we can open windows, use a fan, shed clothing (if we are so inclined) and, when there’s not a hosepipe ban, enjoy a bit of fun in the garden with a paddling pool, children aren’t even essential to make this happen!

But what about in the winter time? When it’s so cold we sit shivering in our homes, but, because of exorbitant energy prices, we’re afraid to switch on the central heating. Layers of clothing can only go so far in helping. Hot drinks are great, but too many and you’ll be up all night (and it’s far too cold to be wandering about once you’ve finally made the bed snug).

Perhaps you’re one of the hopeful people. Spring is just around the corner, winter doesn’t last forever. But this is Britain – the weather is as weird and wonderful as our people, and sometimes it likes to play games. Yes, spring does follow winter, but winter doesn’t give up so easily either… One day could be pleasantly sunny, perfectly spring like, and the next it could be raining again, a definitely chill in the air. And… is that snow? I’m sure I just saw a flurry.


So wouldn’t it be nice to have something that is completely and utterly predictable, in the best possible way? And wouldn’t it be even nicer if that something actually heated your home, without shocking you when the bill came in? The answer is definitely yes.

Thankfully, that something is easily found – it’s an energy saving new generation electric radiator from Heat Genie. Easy to install (just fit it to the wall and then plug it in to any standard 13 AMP household socket) with no plumbing or pipework required, no maintenance, these radiators are perfect for replacing outdated storage heaters as they heat up on demand, saving you money on your energy bills and giving you the reliability you need for that unreliably changeable British weather.

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