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Heating On A Student Budget

Heating on a Student Budget

Student life starts to get a lot less fun when the bills start coming in. Get some great money saving tips from the heating experts at Heat Genie.

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energy prices in the news

Ofgem’s Investigation And What It Means For You

It seems that energy prices are always in the news at the moment, and generally for bad reasons. High costs that are beginning to spiral, no competition, and apparently no way of knowing which of them to use. Consumers feel lost and unsure, and the market hasn’t noticed; and why should it?

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The perfect alternative to night storage heaters

Night Storage Heaters and Why You Don’t Need Them…

If you don’t know what a night storage heater is, chances are you’re one of the lucky ones; one of those who are connected up to mains gas (or someone who has discovered the benefits of using electric radiators), who can get away with not having to use one of these power hungry, energy sucking beasts.

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Conservatory Radiators

Top Uses For Your Conservatory

The problem that conservatories seem to have, though, is that they can get pretty chilly when the sun isn’t warming them. And plumbing in radiators retrospectively is never an easy task (and putting them in when the conservatory is being built isn’t necessarily at the forefront of anyone’s mind either). So what to do? Use the room for just half the year, or fix the problem by installing electric conservatory heaters?

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The Great British Weather…

The floods that have recently covered some parts of this country, devastating those who live there, destroying crops, homes, possessions, and livelihoods, are an extreme force of nature. Yes, we do tend to moan about our weather, even if it’s sunny (it’s too hot!), but the people affected by the floods, particularly those in Somerset […]

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Heating Offices with Electric Radiators

Heating Offices with Electric Radiators

Office workspaces are important places. This is where it all happens, where industry thrives and people are able to not only work, but enjoy themselves as they do it. Therefore, keeping offices comfortable – and not only comfortable, but bearable – for everyone should be a top priority for any employer.

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Factors To Consider When Buying Electric Radiators

If you’re not sure exactly how an electric radiator can benefit you, then we’re here to help. There are a number of different benefits that all add up to one incredible saving on your heating bill, plus a comfortable, warm home that suits your needs whatever the season, whatever the conditions.

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Energy Prices – Bills Going Up & Temperatures Going Down

It’s a contentious issue; energy prices. Those two words are enough to send a chill up anyone’s spine (which is the last thing you want when it costs such a lot to keep warm), and there doesn’t appear to be any let up in the near future.

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Staying Warm This Winter with Energy Effiecient Electric Radiators

Buying Energy Efficient Electric Radiators

It’s cold outside, that almost Arctic blast of chill wind that hits you as you open the front door goes straight through you (no matter how many layers you’ve managed to put on). Your best option is to stay inside where it’s warm, where your electric radiators have heated the whole house and have kept that nasty chill at bay.

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Electric Radiators

Get ready for winter with our electric radiators

With autumn now officially here, and memories of a particularly cold winter last year, your thoughts may be turning to finding a more economical heating solution.

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