Night Storage Heaters and Why You Don’t Need Them…

The perfect alternative to night storage heaters

The perfect alternative to night storage heaters

If you don’t know what a night storage heater is, chances are you’re one of the lucky ones; one of those who are connected up to mains gas (or someone who has discovered the benefits of using electric radiators), who can get away with not having to use one of these power hungry, energy sucking beasts.

Night storage heaters, as the name suggests, work through the night storing up energy for use the next day. The idea was that these heaters were cheaper to run than a standard radiator, since the cost of electricity at night is less than during the day. However, it soon became apparent to those who had them installed that night storage heaters were anything but efficient, and in fact wasted so much energy they cost more to run than a gas fed central heating system!

Ideally, anyone with night storage heaters in their home should think about replacing them as soon as they can – it will save so much money over the life of the house, and enable you to do all the things that these heaters just won’t allow. After all, with a night storage heater there is no way to control the heat when it is released; everything depends on just how much the unit managed to store up overnight. You could run out in the middle of an extremely cold day, or be sweltering because too much heat is coming out of your inefficient storage heater – and you can’t change the settings when the weather changes (as it is apt to do in Britain!).

Even during the night, when the heater is supposed to be doing its most useful (and money saving) work, there can be problems. Heat escapes from the heater no matter what you do – it’ll keep your house warm at night, but end up costing you far more than you might have anticipated.

So it seems as though we can say that night storage heaters are not the most efficient or inexpensive way of heating your home. But for those who aren’t connected to mains gas, is there really any alternative?

Of course there is! It’s called an electric radiator, and it will save you money on your home heating bills from day one. These radiators are simple to install (no plumbing required, they just hook onto the wall and plug into a standard household socket, which means no expensive installation bills and no big renovation projects!), and once they are working, they are full adjustable, giving you the heat you need when you need it, and nothing more or less.

These fantastic new generation electric radiators are everything a night storage heater is not – energy saving, money saving, worry saving units that will give you peace of mind that your bills are not going to be more and more extortionate every month. You can heat just the room you’re in, or with the seven day 24 hour programmable timer, you can heat your whole home on a schedule to suit you. Perfect.

New generation electric radiators are the ideal alternative to night storage heaters. So get in touch today on 01789 459 455 and find out exactly how much money you could save!