Heating on a Student Budget

Heating On A Student BudgetYou’ve done it! Congratulations! You’re off, you’re on your way, you’re out in the big, wide world and you’re making it on your own. You’re at university, and you’re having the time of your life! Good stuff. Well done. You’re dividing your time perfectly between studying and partying, and it’s working out pretty well. You’re even managing your possibly fairly meagre budget. You’re feeling pretty grown up.

But wait, what’s this? A heating bill that you weren’t expecting? It’s huge! Yet it has to be paid, and that money is going to have to come from somewhere. Somewhere like the money you put to one side for your Friday nights out.

It starts to get a lot less fun when the bills start coming in, and heating can be one of the biggest. Fine in the summer (although classes end in the spring), but in the winter, when you really need your digs to be as warm as possible so you can study and concentrate for those all important exams, you’ve got to get the heating under control. You need the place to be warm and cosy, but you need to keep costs down.

Is it possible?

It is. Really.

If your student accommodation has traditional gas central heating, and radiators, then why not see if they can be turned down a little? Not too much, or you may as well turn them off, but a notch or two, just to see what difference that could make. You might not be as warm as you used to be, but you’ll be saving money – that’s got to be a good thing, right?

Or there is always the ‘layers’ option. Layer up with as many clothes as is comfortable, practical, and cost effective, and your traditional centrally heated radiators will hardly have to trouble themselves to begin to heat up.

Or what about making sure you only eat and drink hot stuff? Hot food and drink really does warm you up from the inside, and a glass of hot wine is incredibly festive. Hot beer, however, may not be quite so pleasant, so if this is the option you go for then your diet and taste preferences may need to change…

Keeping warm on a budget can be hard, and often it’s not much fun. With the added pressure of university to deal with, heating bills are the last thing on your mind, and that can cause big problems.

But what if there was a way to keep as warm and toasty as you like, whilst keeping the costs down? The best of both worlds – it can exist, and it’s all about electric, wall mounted radiators. Before your landlord begins to panic about extensive, expensive plumbing, about floorboards being removed, about mess and destruction, that’s one of the great things about new generation electric radiators! There is no plumbing involved – these units just need to be fitted to the wall and plugged in to a standard domestic socket. So simple, so easy, so much better than the traditional way of warming your home!

Heat Genie’s new generation electric radiators keep your heating bills down by using only the energy it needs. There is no lengthy (paid for) wait for the heating to come on (it’s immediate), and because they can be easily turned on and off individually, you only actually heat the room(s) that need to be heated. You can even programme the radiators to come on at set times of the day (or night) with our 7 day 24 hour timers, no more wasted energy, which is a good thing in every aspect of life!

Plus, if you really love your electric radiators, they are easy to remove so you can take them with you when you move on (although it’s best to check with your landlord that it’s okay before you do that…).

Good luck, and keep warm!