Heating Offices with Electric Radiators

Heating Offices with Electric RadiatorsOffice workspaces are important places. This is where it all happens, where industry thrives and people are able to not only work, but enjoy themselves as they do it. Therefore, keeping offices comfortable – and not only comfortable, but bearable – for everyone should be a top priority for any employer.

16o. That’s the important figure to bear in mind. Why? Although there are no legal lower limits for workplaces to adhere to, 16o is considered the temperature that work room should be as a minimum*. Below that and productivity drops. Ideally, each office space should be heated to somewhere between 16o and 30o. The easiest, most cost effective way to do this, and to keep on top of it, is to install Heat Genie electric radiators.

In fact, electric radiators just like the TT or Inerza models from Heat Genie are a good solution for many reasons. The versatile and useful units have different heating schedules, so they can be programmed in advance to warm up offices before anyone has even arrived – there’s nothing worse than being the first to get to work, only to have to sit and shiver as those old, centrally heated radiators thump and thud into life. Where’s the reward for getting in early with that? With our electric radiators, the reward is a warming glow of heat as soon as that first early bird opens the door. Productivity is increased in an office that is heated correctly, and your employees will be rushing to get inside rather than waiting in their nice warm cars!

Looking at this another way, you can ensure that when there is no one in the office, the heating stays off – saving you money. At weekends, in the evenings, when you’ve got a team building day away from base, you can turn your electric radiators down or off, meaning that you don’t waste energy or cash.

Since each individual radiator is plugged into a standard 13 amp, 240 volt socket, and no plumbing is required, you can install as many or as few as you need, without the expense of ripping up floors and walls. Perfect if you’re the tenant or a landlord!

With the versatility offered by the Heat Genie range you can ensure that each area of the office is suitably heated and working independently of the others.  Each office or department can control their own temperature, rather than needing to have the centrally heated radiators up at full power just to get warmth into every corner of the office.

Even the most productive, busiest offices have spaces that aren’t used all the time. Take meeting rooms for example. They can be left empty for days or weeks. In a traditionally heated office, these rooms might well be on the same system as all the others, meaning that, even if there is no one in them, they are being heated. With the electric radiators from Heat Genie, that is no longer a problem. If the room isn’t being used, don’t turn the radiator on – perfect!

So whether it’s 16o or 30o, the electric radiators from Heat Genie will make sure that everyone’s happy. Including the boss.

If you would like further advice on heating offices with electric radiators call the experts today on 01789 459 455!

* Source: HSE http://www.hse.gov.uk/contact/faqs/temperature.htm