Factors To Consider When Buying Electric Radiators

French-rad-image2If you’re not sure exactly how an electric radiator can benefit you, then we’re here to help. There are a number of different benefits that all add up to one incredible saving on your heating bill, plus a comfortable, warm home that suits your needs whatever the season, whatever the conditions.

New generation electric radiators are extremely economical to run, since they can, if required, only heat the rooms that are being used, rather than the whole house or flat as traditional radiators do. For a start that’ll save you money. You can heat your home on demand where and when you need to, so there will be no more waiting for the warmth to kick in as you stand & shiver. That’ll save you chills. You can add more radiators as the need arises (perhaps you’ve had a house extension, or you’ve turned a cold, dismal garage into an additional room) without the need for complicated or disruptive plumbing. That’ll save you a headache.

And with Heat Genie electric radiators, and their most up to date, economical designs yet, you’ll always have a warm home and low, low heating bills! Heat Genie electric radiators heat evenly, rather than heating up quickly and then cooling down fast, like traditional centrally heated radiators do, so you end up with a much more energy efficient home. As an added bonus, these radiators have built in digital programming, and can heat your home ‘zone by zone’ to really make the most of what you’ve got!

With different style used for the home and for larger buildings (lightweight thermo-dynamic fluid for the house, office, or flat, and dry-stone for larger open spaces including restaurants, hotels, and public buildings), there is sure to be a Heat Genie electric radiator that will suit your needs.

So, now that you’ve decided electric radiators are for you, what factors do you need to consider before buying them?

The first thing to get right is the size of radiator. Too big and you will waste heat and energy; too small and you won’t feel the benefit of this incredible technology. Sizing the radiator for the house is important, but it’s not just the number of rooms or how big they are that matters; you also need to factor in how much insulation there is in the building, and where you might locate the radiator.

Once you have decided on the best spot in each room (and bear in mind, the beauty of an electric radiator is that there is no plumbing or pipes required – just a 13 AMP plug socket – so you have much more freedom to choose the best place to install), it is time to choose your radiator. This is the fun part, where you can really see just how many benefits a new electric radiator is going to give you!

In order to choose the best radiator for you, the first step is to measure the room. Measure the length and the width in metres, and multiply the two figures to get the size of the room in square metres. A general rule of thumb is to allow 100 watts of power per square metre, so knowing the size of your room is essential. There is an easy to use calculator on the www.heat-genie.co.uk website which makes choosing the perfect radiator as easy as clicking a mouse! To get an accurate guide, measure the height of your room too and select the right option on the calculator.

Our radiator calculator is perfect for working out your budget, and for ensuring that you are doing the best for yourself, your home, and your wallet! Of course you can also call our friendly sales team who will help you choose and calculate your requirements.  Call us today on 01789 459 455.