Energy Prices – Bills Going Up & Temperatures Going Down

juggling-energy-pricesIt’s a contentious issue; energy prices. Those two words are enough to send a chill up anyone’s spine (which is the last thing you want when it costs such a lot to keep warm), and there doesn’t appear to be any let up in the near future. Fixed pricing plans, long term contracts, and promises left, right, and centre are all very well, but prices are going up, and there’s not a lot we can do about it.

It’s bad news for the elderly who are less likely to be able to afford higher energy prices, but are some of the most vulnerable when it comes to the cold weather. It’s awful for parents with young children and babies, who need to spend money on their family, but instead find that their savings are disappearing faster than the sun on a winter’s day. And it’s not great for everyone else in between, is it? Rising energy prices mean that we have less money to spend on items that will keep the economy growing – it’s a vicious circle when it comes to getting the UK out of this recession.

All in all, rising energy prices can only be seen in a negative light.

So how can we combat these rising energy prices? What can we do to get around the problem – this seemingly universal, tedious, and possibly unfair (definitely if the public has any say in the matter) issue that impacts on everyone? There’s no way, right? We just have to suffer and pay what we’re told to by the energy companies… Right?

Wrong! There is another way, and Heat Genie can help.

The problem is the price of heating your home. The solution? It’s to install modern electric radiators throughout your house or flat, or even office. Simple and cost effective, these radiators are made to save energy, they don’t use your central heating system (which is a very expensive way of heating your home, as you’ve most definitely noticed recently), and work by simply hanging on the wall with the supplied brackets and plugging in.

Each electric radiator is fitted with a state of the art thermostatic controller, meaning that you have complete control over how much heat you use. It also means that you’re not wasting any expensive energy – the only rooms you need to heat are the ones you’re using. The electric radiator heats up quickly, so simply switch it on when you enter a room, and within minutes you’ll be warm and toasty – and smiling from ear to ear when you remember how much money you are saving!

Now… what are you going to spend it on instead?