Top Uses For Your Conservatory

Conservatory Radiators

Transform your conservatory with a specialist conservatory radiator

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘conservatory’? Is it a useful, extra room that gets used in the summer when the weather is warm enough to permit it – somewhere to while away those long, light evenings with a glass of something cool, a good book, and a comfortable wicker furniture set? Or is it more than that? Could your conservatory be used throughout the year, and for other things?

Definitely! Your conservatory, whether it’s been a part of your home for years, or it’s still in the planning stages, should be used all year round – it’s such a useful addition to a home that it would be a shame to relegate it to a summer room.

Your conservatory could well become the quiet sitting room. The kids might want to watch TV, your partner might be on the X Box, but at least you’ll have a quiet sanctuary in which to disappear into for an hour or so. Sounds good! Or why not make it the dining room? Put a good dining table and chairs in there, perhaps a sideboard for cutlery and crockery, and use it for dinner parties, or every day meals. It saves eating from a tray on your lap every night, and utilises the space perfectly. Do your children seem to be filling the entire house with their toys, games, books, and furniture? Then the conservatory might be the place to put them! It could turn into a very useful playroom where your children can be free to enjoy themselves (and you can shut the door and forget it). Want to get fit? Don’t want to trek to the gym? Use your conservatory and make your own gym at home – ideal!

The problem that conservatories seem to have, though, is that they can get pretty chilly when the sun isn’t warming them. And plumbing in radiators retrospectively is never an easy task (and putting them in when the conservatory is being built isn’t necessarily at the forefront of anyone’s mind either). So what to do? Use the room for just half the year, or fix the problem by installing electric conservatory heaters?

There’s the answer!

By installing Heat Genie’s new generation electric radiators in your conservatory, you are opening up a whole new room within your home – and the possibilities are endless! Since Heat Genie electric radiators are so simple to install (they just plug into a domestic plug socket!), and since they are designed to be compact, in fact they are specifically designed with low dwarf walls in mind, they will easily fit into your conservatory with no additional work needed. Those lovely summer evenings that chill down quickly can become long summer nights that stay warm until you choose to say goodnight, and that morning mile on the treadmill needn’t be quite so hard!
Running costs for these exceptional conservatory radiators are minimal, in addition to everyday low running costs, you only turn them on when they are needed, so you are never wasting energy heating an unused space.

Just go to to see exactly what would suit you, and how to go about purchasing one today!