Buying Energy Efficient Electric Radiators

Staying Warm This Winter with Energy Effiecient Electric RadiatorsIt’s cold outside, that almost Arctic blast of chill wind that hits you as you open the front door goes straight through you (no matter how many layers you’ve managed to put on). Your best option is to stay inside where it’s warm, where your electric radiators have heated the whole house and have kept that nasty chill at bay.

Of course, if you don’t have the option (some would say ‘luxury’ in the deepest wintertime!) of not having to go out, then you will want to come back to a home that is going to be toasty and cosy. One of the best options to do this is to install energy efficient, new generation electric radiators. These units will take the cold out of any building, and with no maintenance required, landlords and home owners need not worry.  The ten year warranty on the radiators gives additional peace of mind.

After installation simply switch on, set to the desired temperature for that room, and there you have it, instant heat and warmth at the temperature you feel comfortable.  You can opt for programmable electric radiators that will operate on a seven day timer, with a fixed 6 degree frost setting.

If you’ve already panicked slightly at the word ‘install’, there’s no need. Our radiators are easy to install, and just about anyone can do it. Unlike traditional central heating you do not need to hire a plumber or pull up the floor boards for the job, a DIY enthusiast, or even someone who can read and understand step by step instructions, can have home heating quickly and without fuss. In most cases, all you will need to do is screw the supplied brackets to the wall, hang the radiator on them, and plug it in to a 13 Amp socket! You can see a step by step installation video guide here.

Whether you install the unit yourself, or you decide to hire someone to do it for you, your electric radiator will prove itself to be energy efficient and in no time show how economical to run they are.

Not only are electric radiators easy to install, but they are incredibly easy to operate once they’re up and running.

No more unsightly pipes ruining the look of your lovely home. No more clanging and banging as your gas radiator bursts to life. No more extortionate heating bills. In fact, modern electric radiators are an entirely new and cost effective alternative to the staple of gas central heating and oil. So why is this? Well, in addition to their energy efficient design and being fitted with state of the art thermostat controller, you will find that with electric radiators you only need to heat the space you’re using. So you get heat where and when you want.  No more heating empty rooms! Why waste energy all over the house or flat heating the rooms that no one is occupying?

Heating your home or office with electric radiators is one of the most an efficient ways to stay warm this winter.  Whether you are a landlord, home owner or office worker, with a range of styles to choose from we are confident you will find an electric radiator to suit your bathroom, office, conservatory or lounge!

Buying energy efficient electric radiators need not be a chore, you can buy right now from our online electric radiator shop or call our friendly team on 01789 459 455.